Presentation of the Desertification Fresk

Created in October 2023, the Desertification Fresco aims to become the reference tool that allows individuals and organizations to take ownership of the challenges of desertification and drought.

The Desertification Fresco allows everyone to understand the functioning, scale and complexity of the issues linked to desertification and can be seen as a workshop which mobilizes collective intelligence to raise participants' awareness of the fight against desertification. desertification, drought and land degradation.

Plante désertification

Its fun and educational approach allows all audiences to understand the subjects of desertification, drought and soil degradation and aims to avoid a vertical descent of knowledge. During the workshop, participants connect the cause and effect links and integrate the issues of desertification in their entirety.

The Desertification Fresco is based on data from scientific reports... whose recommendations guide political and economic decisions on a global scale.

Turn the world into action in the fight against desertification thanks to an accessible and effective tool

Without feeling guilty and through a shared understanding of the mechanisms at work, the Fresco engages individuals in a constructive exchange. During the workshop, existing solutions to combat desertification are explored, which gives the workshop a positive note and brings hope to the participants, while also making them want to act. At the end of the workshop, participants are motivated and equipped to act at their level.

An activity accessible to all for a tenfold impact

Atelier Fresque

No need to be an expert to become an animator! Thanks to the training, you will be able to run your own workshops and you will improve your skills on this current and future subject.

To take action, we must understand the scale of the issues. Your impact will be even stronger as you disseminate your knowledge to those around you personally and professionally

The project

Fighting against desertification is a global challenge. Attacks on forests do not stop at our borders and our ability to reduce them depends on the mobilization of everyone. The Desertification Fresco therefore has the mission to raise awareness around the world and disseminate knowledge in several languages.

It also encourages the rapid and large-scale dissemination of a shared understanding of the challenges of desertification. Its purpose is to accelerate understanding of the challenges of desertification at the global level to help trigger, as soon as possible, the shifts necessary for the preservation of living things.

Inspired by its big sister “the Climate Fresco”, the Desertification Fresco is the result of the partnership between Sand to Green and the Presidency of COP15 Desertification.

The Conference of the Parties (COP) of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification takes place every two (02) years, in parallel with those on climate change and biological diversity. This fifteenth conference which was held in Ivory Coast is chaired by Mr. Alain-Richard DONWAHI.

The vision

Desertification is a problem that is still poorly understood. It is by sharing the challenge and the urgency that they represent that we will be able to implement concrete actions.

The aim is to create a chain of actors capable of quickly deploying the Fresco of desertification to move towards a green world. Having little time, it is by understanding this challenge together that we will provide responses commensurate with the seriousness of the situation