Who are we ?

Created in October 2023, the authors of the desertification fresco started from a simple observation:

  • Fighting desertification is a global challenge: 1/3 of the planet's land surface is threatened by desertification, 169 countries are affected and more than 1.5 billion human beings depend on degraded land, 74% of which live in poverty (UNCCD).
  • Understanding desertification is the first step that will enable the world to meet this challenge.
  • Exploring existing solutions will bring the note of hope necessary for the commitment of everyone to action.

The mission of the desertification fresco is therefore to: “Raise awareness in the world of the issues of desertification and to engage participants in local action through the exploration of existing solutions. »

By creating this game, we aim for it to become a reference tool that will allow individuals and organizations to tackle the challenges of desertification and drought.

To achieve this, we aim to:

Develop a global network of game ambassadors who inspire, raise awareness and engage in action to combat desertification.


Inspired by its big sister "the Climate Fresco", the Desertification Fresco is the result of a partnership between the Franco-Moroccan start-up Sand to Green accompanied by Delphine LAHMAR-THERY, from CGIAR and the Presidency of COP15 Desertification.


Alain-Richard DONWAHI

President of COP15 Desertification

In this regard, COP15 (15th United Nations Conference on the Fight against Desertification – which is held every 2 years alongside those on climate and biological diversity) chaired by Mr Alain-Richard Donwahi, greatly contributed to the impetus for this ambitious project.

A structure and a dedicated team

In order to ensure the sustainability of the project and cultivate a global network of committed volunteer ambassadors, a dedicated association has been established. This structure is based on values of respect for people, living things and science, while placing collaboration and transparency at the heart of its actions. In addition, its main mission is to promote understanding of desertification at the global level, and to encourage commitment to the fight against this phenomenon and the preservation of living things.

The association is constituted of:

An executive board



President and Project Director – Germany

Kherann YAO

Kherann YAO

Vice President – Ivory Coast

Sabrina Camélia PAGOP

Sabrina Camélia PAGOP

Treasurer – Morocco

A board of directors

Benjamin ROMBAUT

Benjamin ROMBAUT

Brehima TRAORE

Brehima TRAORE




External communications committee

Tool and pedagogy product commission

Animation committee of the community of ambassadors






Sabrina Camélia PAGOP

Maria JOSE

Kherann Yao

Séléna Audhasse

Yacine Labidi

Maria José Andrade Cerda

Bréhima Traoré

Wara Iris Ruis Condori

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